The JASNA Dayton newsletter is published on an as-needed basis to give members advance notice of upcoming meeting and events, plus Austen-related items of interest in the Greater Dayton Region and nationwide. Older newsletters dating back to January, 2009 are also archived here.

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    February 2019

    Third times the charm for Jasna Dayton Ball; April 13th at 2 pm – Join us to hear “Plans of Economy in Persuasion” presented by Linda Zionkowski at the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati; Cincinnati-Dayton Reading Group Continues to delve in to Northanger Abbey; Long-time JASNA Dayton member and Co-Founder is a Published Author; JASNA Dayton Represented at Ohioana Book Festival April 27 in Columbus; Columbus Reading Group Continues with Northanger Abbey.
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    December 2018

    JASNA Dayton Twelfth Night Ball; Recap of Playhouse in the Park, Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley event; Join us for “Plans of Economy in Persuasion” presented by Linda Zionkowski at the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati; Columbus Reading Group enjoying Northanger Abbey; Cincinnati-Dayton Reading Group also enjoying Northanger Abbey; Attendee’s Perspective: Annual General Meeting; Pride and Prejudice Voted America’s #4 Best-Loved Novel; JASNA Essay Contest.
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    August 2018

    Incoming RC Lisa Tyler to present “Modernist Jane” at September 23rd tea; October 28th theatre outing to Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley; JASNA-Dayton members to represent our region at September AGM; Annual JASNA-Dayton Twelfth Night Ball Slated for January 12, 2019; New Reading Group in Columbus off to a great start!; Dayton/Cincinnati Reading Group enjoys discussion of “Lady Susan” with viewing of “Love & Friendship,” the movie based on the novella; DLM Good Neighbors Program for JASNA-Dayton.
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    June 2018

    Oct. 28, 2018: Outing to Playhouse in the Park, p. 1; March Bakeoff program a success, p. 2; 2018 Ohioana Book Festival review, p. 3; March election results, p. 4; New Reading Group in Columbus, p. 5; Dayton Reading Group wraps up Mansfield Park, p. 6; DLM Good Neighbors Program, p. 8; Dates to Remember, p. 8; English Scones Recipe, p. 9.
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    February 2018

    March 16 Meeting: “The Great JASNA-Dayton Bakeoff” (p. 1)-Directions (p. 2); Twelfth Night Ball: Review, p. 3; Executive Committee Directory and Election Notice, p. 4; Newsletter Editor/Coordinator Needed, p. 5; Carrie Bebris Stepping Down as Regional Coordinator, p. 6; Lisa Tyler Running for Regional Coordinator, p. 7; Tori Manship Running for Program Coordinator, p. 8; New Reading Groups in Columbus and East Central Ohio, p. 9; Reading Group Meetings, p. 10; Ohioana Book Festival, p. 11; DLM Good Neighbor Program, p. 12.
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    December 2017

    Twelfth Night Ball, p. 1; Silent Auction, p. 3; Tom and Toni Tumbusch, p. 3; Tori Manship and Ball Committee, p. 4; Lisa Tyler Reports on 2017 AGM, p. 4; Executive Committee Directory, p. 5; All EC Committee Positions Filled, p. 6; Lynn Slowden is Publicity Coordinator, p. 6; Eilanna Price is Secretary and Historian, p. 7; September 16 Meeting Review, p. 7; March, 2018 Meeting Preview, p. 8; Reading Group Meetings, p. 8; 2020 AGM to be in Cleveland, p. 10
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    August 2017

    “Celebrating Jane Austen, Saturday, Sept. 16 with Carrie Bebris”; Carrie Bebris; JASNA-Dayton Needs You; JASNA-Dayton Executive Committee; Reading Group to Meet October 8; Date for 2018 Twelfth Night Ball is January 6, 2018; Donations Sought for Silent Auction Baskets; JASNA-Dayton at Ohioana Book Festival; English Country Dance Weekend November 3-5; JASNA-Dayton Member Lisa Tyler to Speak at Upcoming AGM; New Pride and Prejudice in the Works for TV; April Meeting with Claire Bellanti a Resounding Success; Summer Reading Group Discusses Matters at Mansfield; Barbara Mann Explores Austen-James Fenimore Cooper Connection; Martha Caprarotta Sells First Book
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    March 2017

    April 8: Ohioana Book Festival (JASNA-Dayton An Official Partner); April 23: JASNA President Claire Bellanti; July 23: Reading Group on Matters at Mansfield; May 6: “Friends of Jane Austen” at Glendower Mansion in Lebanon; July 20: Carrie Bebris talk at Main Branch of Dayton Public Library; 2017 Twelfth Night Ball; February and March Reading Group Meetings; JASNA-Dayton Executive Committee Directory; Executive Committee Openings; Regional Dues Eliminated; JASNA Membership Portal; In Memory of Katie LePage; The Real Mr. Darcy.
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    November 2016

    Saturday, Jan 7: Second Annual Twelfth Night Ball; RSVP Deadline Jan 2; Deadline for Marriott Discount Dec 9; Sunday Feb 12: Reading Group at Judy McCoy’s; Sunday, March 12: Reading Group at Marilyn Rueth’s; Sunday, April 23, 2017: JASNA President Claire Bellanti; Reviews of Dressing Downton Meeting and July, September and November Reading Group Meetings; AGM Talks by Carrie Bebris and Linda Zionkowski; Farewell Party for Meredith Stoehr; Eilanna Price is New Librarian; Carrie Bebris has Essay in The Joy of Jane; Program from Winchester AGM Donated to Library
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    May 2016

    May 21: Friends of Jane Austen in Lebanon; June 19: Box Hill Picnic at Carriage Hill; July 17: Pride and Prescience for Reading Group; August 27: Dressing Downton at Taft in Cincinnati; September 11: Reading Group starts Mansfield Park; October 20-21: Encountering Shakespeare at Wright State; Needed: Secretary, Librarian, Newsletter Editor, Publicity; Coordinator; Needed: Reading Group Host/Hostesses and Discussion Leaders
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    February 2016

    March 12 “Mr. Darcy in Film” and tea at Patterson House; March speaker Amy Patterson; Jane Austen Books at March meeting; March 20 Emma outing; Flying Cloud presents Regency Ball April 2; Twelfth Night Ball a success; Toast to Jane Austen; Lisa Tyler elected to National Board; Austen course at UDLLI.
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    December 2015

    Saturday Evening, January 9: Twelfth Night Party December 1: Cutoff Date for Membership Renewal December 18: Cutoff Date for Reduced Rate at Marriot January 4: RSVP Deadline for Twelfth Night Ball Sunday, February 15: Reading Group Continues Pride and Prejudice Review of September 27 Meeting The Louisville AGM Executive Board Openings JASNA-Dayton Member Meets Mrs. Bennet
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    September 2015

    Sep. 27: Carrie Bebris to speak on The Suspicion at Sanditon; Information on Patterson House; The Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mystery Series; Changes and opening in Executive Committee; Updated list of meeting and Reading Groups for the coming year; Lost and Found item; Tom Tumbusch steps down as Webmaster; Mariah Busher new Webmaster; Reading Group changes for the year; Wilson Palmer new Reading Group Coordinator; June 13th Box Hill Picnic a success; JASNA Dayton membership renewal.
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    May 2015

    June 13, 2015: Box Hill Picnic and meet the library; Carrie Bebris to speak in September; Board and Committee opportunities; Programming plans through 2017; March 22nd meeting gives preview of Louisville AGM; AGM registration advice; Patterson Homestead exceeds expectations; A note from Jean Long; Reading Group future?; Austen themed tour of Taft Museum in July; In defense of Mrs. Elton
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    February 2015

    Sun. March 22: Meeting at Patterson House About Louisville AGM, Martha Caprarotta Selling Regency Dresses, Amendment to Bylaws, Review of Dec. Meeting and Toast, News from JASNA Dayton Library, Fundraising Success with DLM Program, Sun. April 12: Reading Group Discussion of Future, Mary Benet and Other Intellectual Ladies.
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    November 2014

    Sunday, Nov. 9: Reading Group Starts Pride and Prejudice, Sunday, Dec 7: Crystal Lake on ”Jane Austen’s Museums”, Dec. 1: Deadline for Membership Renewal, Review of September 2014 Meeting and Sinclair P & P, The Suspicion at Sanditon: Carrie’s New Book, JASNA Dayton Joins Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program, JASNA Lifetime Membership Fee to Increase Next Year
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    August 2014

    An Inside Look at Sinclair's Pride and Prejudice, Sept 6 Election of Officers, Reading Group Starts Pride and Prejudice, Crystal Lake on "Jane Austen's Museums", JASNA Dayton Joins Dorothy Lane Market Good Neighbor Program, Reviews of December 2013 and March 2014 Meetings, A Toast from Jean Long and a Thank You from Martha Caprarotta
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    November 2013

    December 1: Last Date for Membership Renewal, Saturday, Dec. 14: Jane’s Birthday Meeting, Sunday, Jan 12: Next Reading Group, Sunday, March 30: Pride and Prejudice Performance, Reviews of September Meeting and Pride and Prejudice Gala at Wright State, Fundraising Idea Committee Being Formed, Cambridge Edition Volumes in Region Library.
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    September 2013

    Sunday, Sept. 15: “From Northanger Abbey to Downton Abbey” (RSVP by Sept. 11), Aug. 31 – Sept. 1: Fair at New Boston, Oct. 10-12: Pride & Prejudice Bicentennial Symposium at Wright State, with BALL October 12, Sunday, Nov. 10: First Reading Group Meeting, Saturday, Dec. 14: Jane’s Birthday Meeting, Change in Membership Renewal Period.
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    April 2013

    Reading Group Meeting, Saturday, May 4: Program: “Bride and Prejudice”, Sunday, September 15: Program “Northanger Abbey to Downton Abbey”, Slate of Officers for May 4 Election, March 23 Meeting Review.
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    November 2012

    Sunday, Dec 9: Program “Dueling and the Code of Honor” RSVP By Dec. 5, Dec 9 Vote on Bylaws, Sunday, Nov 11: First Reading Group Meeting, Jan. 1 Cutoff Date for Membership Renewals, Reading Group and Regular Meetings for the Rest of the Year, Katie LePage Report on AGM.
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    August 2012

    Sunday, Sept. 16: Program “Underpinnings & Fine Beginnings”, Sept 1-2: Fair at New Boston, Thursday, Sept 13: “A Tasting with Friends”, Sunday, Nov 11: First Reading Group Meeting, New RC for JASNA Dayton, Deb Bentley is New Membership Chair, and more.
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    February 2012

    Emma at the Movies, Fashion Show Recap, Reading Group, Jon Jory Sense and Sensibility, No One Willing to Star In or Direct P & P & Zombies, New Music from Jane’s Manuscript Collection.
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    November 2011

    Regency Fashion Show and Jane's Birthday Celebration in December, JASNA Dayton Library Expanding, Reading Group update, October 1 Meeting recap, Recent Successes for Judy Dapolito, A Really Busy Month for Carrie Bebris, and new Austen-themed books.
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    September 2011

    Upcoming Event: "An Afternoon with the Regency Doctor," New meeting registration policy, New e-newsletter editor, Worst opening sentences, Reading Group resumes in November, Jane's Birthday 2011, Memorial Service for Jane LaForce, Carrie Bebris local appearances, JASNA President visits Dayton, Louisville Gala.
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    April 2011

    JASNA President Iris Lutz to visit, Library needs DVDs, Jane and Harry Potter, March 26 Panel Recap, Louisville’s 4th Annual Jane Austen Festival preview, Carrie Bebris’ Deception at Lyme to Release in October, Favorable Review for Lydia Bennet’s Story.
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    March 2011

    March 26 Meeting, April Reading Group postponed, May 14 Meeting to feature JASNA President Iris Lutz, Regional Events, Spring Costume Course at Sinclair.
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    November 2010

    Jane's Birthday Celebration, member library now online, new dues policy, September meeting and November Reading Group recaps, upcoming events, Jane's editorial controversy.
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    September 2010

    September meeting info, 2010 officers, upcoming events, gala report, and new website. Plus: New fiction from Carrie Bebris and a monster mash-up of Jane Eyre.
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    April 2010

    Gala planning, meeting reports, call for next year's program ideas.
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    January 2010

    Reading Group schedule, coming events, surprise tribute for Jean Long, Jane's Birthday recap, Churches Committee Gift To Tonbridge Church.
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    September 2009

    Linore Burkard meeting info, recap of April meeting and Philadelphia AGM, Reading Group update, regional tea hotspots, Jane's new beau, and Regency Zombies hit the NYT Bestseller List.
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    January 2009

    Reading Group updates, Marsha Huff speech, Jane's Birthday, Survey Results, New Library Books, Louisville Gala, Costume Exhibit at the Taft.